Thursday, June 27, 2013

My little sister is 21!?!?!?!?!?

My big little sister is 21 today! I just seriously can't believe it! (When did I get so old??)

I just want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLI!!!!!!!" I am so incredibly blessed to be your sister. I will always be so grateful for my wishing rock in 2nd grade. I wanted a little sister and that's exactly what I got! Wishing rocks are amazing!! We may not always get along but I am so thankful that you have been there for me so many numerous times. Without you, I may not have gotten through many things. We have been there for each other through lots and lots of family drama. I wish we wouldn't have had to go through that but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. Right? (We are only a little damaged.) You drive me crazy a lot, but isn't that what little sisters do?

My pudgy little sister. (And so very white!)
Fabulous family picture!
Such a great big sister I am!
You loved to show off your dance moves for me!
I've never seen a better dancer!
You were the best model I could ever ask for.
Us with Great Grandma Bessie. (I miss her so much!)
The first time you became an Aunt!! :)
You and your nephews great band! (Look at that form!)
Flexin' with Aunt Alli!
The second time you became an Aunt. 
Look at the love in that face! (Who knew that innocent baby would turn into a monster?!?)
Such a loved Auntie!!
And I can't forget about your fur-nephew Gibby.
And Pierre......R.I.P.
And Miss Mojo!!

I never take pictures usually, unless I'm with you! We need to make sure to take more in TEXAS!!!

:) I love these pictures. I really should post them all!!
I don't remember what we were laughing at, but it must have been hilarious!!
We really are too cool!
Thanks for being my little sister and a great lap to sit on. 
We look great! 
I still love you, even when we are ready to duel!
Senior picture "re-done" (Only I wasn't preggo in mine!)
Thank you for helping and capturing a wonderful memory for us. I really appreciate that!!
Izzie's helping me with these. She said "Alli's a princess. I like Alli to be a princess!"
So beautiful!!

I can't believe you are FINALLY 21 and we can FINALLY go get a drink together. I am pretty old so I'm not sure I can keep up with you. I hope you have an incredibly wonderful and amazing birthday!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A'ROR'N Days and an owl rescue!

I've tried to write this post for the past couple of days, but well, you know how it goes.  Too much going on to sit down and type.

 Over the weekend we participated in the annual A'ROR'N Days aka our town's yearly gathering. Mostly, I just go for the yummy food!! Ha! But seriously, I had the most delicious smoked nachos ever! They were tortilla chips piled with bbq beans, shredded bbq pork or chicken, nacho cheese and then bbq sauce. They were so good and I'm sure very nutritious and low in calories. ;) Also, there is a mexican vendor and they have really good authentic mexican food, which is my weakness.

Last week, Kahle participated in a Robotics Camp. There were 6 teams and Kahle and his friend Kaden got 1st! There was no real winners or losers, but their robot did EVERYTHING perfectly that they programmed it to do. It was awesome to see how proud he was.

Friday night we went over to Kahle's Boy Scout den leader's house to put together the float.  We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and it looked great. They boys got 2nd place in the parade on Saturday.  Kahle is such a good big brother. He always makes sure that he gives Izzie whatever they are handing out that year. This year was toy paratroopers and he gave Izzie two.

                                       (The theme this year was "Take Me Home Country Roads)

Our soon to be 5th graders with their ribbon for their hard work!!
(Not sure why Kahle looks like a grump)

After the parade. Kahle and his best friend Ricky, participated in the fundraiser the high school cheerleader put on, the Egg Toss. They were naughty kids and didn't listen to the directions and therefore they dropped their egg and were out. Boys will be boys, I guess. Also, my teenager 10 year old, was flirting with the cheerleaders. I need to keep an eye on him! 

                                                                     Izzie after the parade.

                                      Kahle after the parade (not sure why it's so painful for him to smile)

On Sunday. we went to the Edgerton Center and played around inside. They had a special going on, for $5 you got admission in, admission to an "exotic petting zoo" and miniature golf. Well, I'm glad it was only $5 because the "exotic" petting zoo only consisted of a buffalo, a camel, a zebra and a llama. We only got to pet the buffalo, who was HUGE and the camel. The zebra and llama wanted nothing to do with us. (I don't blame them, it was incredibly hot out.)  Miniature golf was ok. We were patiently waiting for a family of four in front of us and the dad told us to go around them and use the first hole as our last one. (If you know me, I'm bitchy and don't like to be told what to do!) We just said that was fine, but then decided to go around since Izzie was getting impatient. Soon enough, one of their daughters was constantly right behind us waiting for us and in a rush. I thought it was pretty rude and we ended our game early. By the way, this was just a few obstacle boxes set up, nothing professional.
Tim putting Izzie in a ginormous bubble! 

Kahle's turn!!

That was pretty much all we did for the "festivities." There's a bunch of class reunions set up over the weekend and street dances. Tim and I usually don't participate in drunken nights much anymore so we don't go to those.  I would much rather just have a couple of drinks at my own house. 

Today was an exciting day! My Mom called me and told me that out in the courthouse yard, there was a little baby owl and that I should go look because it was so cute. (I work in the courthouse, she works across the street) I went out and oh my gosh! I just wanted to pick it up and squeeze it. We kept an eye on it for about 2 hours and then I googled for someone to come get it. We're pretty sure it blew out of it's tree on Monday when we had a lot of wind and it appeared to have a hurt wing.  I got a hold of a volunteer, here in town for the Raptor Recovery program. She came and picked him up and even let me pet him!! Such a cute little fluffy baby!! He seemed pretty dehydrated and now he will get the help he needs. 

 Well, that's it for now. I would have had more pictures if my sd card adapter was working properly! I'm so glad it Wednesday! The weekend will be here soon!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm a pretty worthless blogger.

It's been quite awhile since I last wrote. We've had a funeral, my Step-Grandpa Bob and a couple of baseball games keeping us busy. Kahle is doing amazing in baseball this year. His catching, throwing and batting have improved so much. I am really proud of him!! 

My Sister Alli, the kids and I just got back from a "Sister's Weekend!" We went up to Gretna to our Step-Sister Ashley's house. Ashley has twins, Kennedy and Julian who are 9. Also our other Step-Sister Rachelle came up with her 2 year old daughter Braylee and our other "sister" Kachine. We had a great time playing games, chasing after kids, eating yummy food and enjoying a few adult beverages! A little background on us, Alli and I are sisters, same mother and father and Ashley and Rachelle are sisters, same mother and father. Back in '93 our dad married their mom and then ended up getting divorced in 2007. We spent a good chunk of our lives together and have recently lost touch. We had all got together at Braylee's 2nd birthday party and decided we should have Sister weekends with just us and our kids, no spouses, fianc├ęs, or boyfriends and it was so worth it!! Kachine is neither blood related nor related by marriage but she used to come stay with us all on the weekends since she was 5 so she is included as a Sister too!! I'm proving to be an even worse blogger because I took absolutely no pictures this weekend. Alli posted some on Facebook so I will probably high jack some of those! Thanks Alli!! :) Well, I guess that's all for now, I need a nap after not doing anything this weekend!