Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm a pretty worthless blogger.

It's been quite awhile since I last wrote. We've had a funeral, my Step-Grandpa Bob and a couple of baseball games keeping us busy. Kahle is doing amazing in baseball this year. His catching, throwing and batting have improved so much. I am really proud of him!! 

My Sister Alli, the kids and I just got back from a "Sister's Weekend!" We went up to Gretna to our Step-Sister Ashley's house. Ashley has twins, Kennedy and Julian who are 9. Also our other Step-Sister Rachelle came up with her 2 year old daughter Braylee and our other "sister" Kachine. We had a great time playing games, chasing after kids, eating yummy food and enjoying a few adult beverages! A little background on us, Alli and I are sisters, same mother and father and Ashley and Rachelle are sisters, same mother and father. Back in '93 our dad married their mom and then ended up getting divorced in 2007. We spent a good chunk of our lives together and have recently lost touch. We had all got together at Braylee's 2nd birthday party and decided we should have Sister weekends with just us and our kids, no spouses, fianc├ęs, or boyfriends and it was so worth it!! Kachine is neither blood related nor related by marriage but she used to come stay with us all on the weekends since she was 5 so she is included as a Sister too!! I'm proving to be an even worse blogger because I took absolutely no pictures this weekend. Alli posted some on Facebook so I will probably high jack some of those! Thanks Alli!! :) Well, I guess that's all for now, I need a nap after not doing anything this weekend! 

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