Thursday, June 27, 2013

My little sister is 21!?!?!?!?!?

My big little sister is 21 today! I just seriously can't believe it! (When did I get so old??)

I just want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLI!!!!!!!" I am so incredibly blessed to be your sister. I will always be so grateful for my wishing rock in 2nd grade. I wanted a little sister and that's exactly what I got! Wishing rocks are amazing!! We may not always get along but I am so thankful that you have been there for me so many numerous times. Without you, I may not have gotten through many things. We have been there for each other through lots and lots of family drama. I wish we wouldn't have had to go through that but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. Right? (We are only a little damaged.) You drive me crazy a lot, but isn't that what little sisters do?

My pudgy little sister. (And so very white!)
Fabulous family picture!
Such a great big sister I am!
You loved to show off your dance moves for me!
I've never seen a better dancer!
You were the best model I could ever ask for.
Us with Great Grandma Bessie. (I miss her so much!)
The first time you became an Aunt!! :)
You and your nephews great band! (Look at that form!)
Flexin' with Aunt Alli!
The second time you became an Aunt. 
Look at the love in that face! (Who knew that innocent baby would turn into a monster?!?)
Such a loved Auntie!!
And I can't forget about your fur-nephew Gibby.
And Pierre......R.I.P.
And Miss Mojo!!

I never take pictures usually, unless I'm with you! We need to make sure to take more in TEXAS!!!

:) I love these pictures. I really should post them all!!
I don't remember what we were laughing at, but it must have been hilarious!!
We really are too cool!
Thanks for being my little sister and a great lap to sit on. 
We look great! 
I still love you, even when we are ready to duel!
Senior picture "re-done" (Only I wasn't preggo in mine!)
Thank you for helping and capturing a wonderful memory for us. I really appreciate that!!
Izzie's helping me with these. She said "Alli's a princess. I like Alli to be a princess!"
So beautiful!!

I can't believe you are FINALLY 21 and we can FINALLY go get a drink together. I am pretty old so I'm not sure I can keep up with you. I hope you have an incredibly wonderful and amazing birthday!!


  1. I've never ever even seen that last picture! Weird. And I should beat you for a couple of the ones that you posted! But thank you for this post, the beginning might have made me tear up a little bit. ;) And for having lunch and cake with me. And for my gift certificate. I loves you, sistow.

    1. You're welcome sister!! The last picture was from Myspace too and it was one of Kahle's programs. It was a nice little lunch, with my weirdo son too. lol

  2. happy birthday to your sister! what fun pictures!

  3. aww love the old pictures! soo fun :) hope she had a great birthday and ya'll enjoy going out for drinks together!