Monday, July 22, 2013

The Mary Kay Look

I was so excited to be chosen to receive the Mary Kay VoxBox from Influenster. I'm by no means a professional makeup artist, I don't even really experiment too much, but I will never ever pass up new makeup!! 

First up is the Mary Kay Lash Primer (Retails for $15.00)
I have never used a lash primer before but it really did make my lashes look longer even without mascara. I plan on using this a lot!!

Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening in I ♥ Black (Retails for $15.00)
I really liked this mascara. It has the curved brush which I love and it was really easy to apply on both my upper and lower lashes with no clumps!

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm (Retails for $22.00) & Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush (Retails for $10.00)
I liked this eye color and it was easy to apply with the brush. Sometimes cream eye colors are too thick and aren't easy to get out of the container or apply. This was easy to apply, except I thought it was too thin when I applied it. I didn't want to add too much because the color shows up well, but it's thin. (Does that even make sense?) I think next time I will add some light colored powder to "set" it.

You can see my actual eyelid under the color.
Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie (Retails for $18.00)
I'm not usually one to wear actual lipstick, I like tinted chapstick or a light colored lip gloss. I have a really hard time wearing anything with too much color because I can't seem to find any color I think looks good on me. This one was really pink, but I actually didn't mind the color too much. Next time, I will add a lip gloss over it to kind of tone it down a little. 

And now for the finished product.

I didn't apply any blush, foundation or eyeliner. I ALWAYS wear eyeliner but I just wanted to only wear the products I was sent. Overall, I really liked all the products and I plan on incorporating them into my routine. 

(The MaryKay products were complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and all opinions are my own)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Disclaimer Post

I guess I need to have a disclaimer post. It's pretty ridiculous, but apparently I have some "blog stalkers" that want to use what I write against me. Here we go.....

1. This is MY blog where I write MY thoughts and opinions. If you don't like it, there's a little box in the upper right corner with an x on it. Use it. And then don't come here again.

2. I am not out to start fights or create drama, as I said in #1, this is my place for my feelings. At the time I wrote my venting post, I was angry. Now, I'm not. Irritated, yes but I'm getting on with my life like I always do.

3. I cannot and will not please everyone. Not everyone is going to agree with me or be happy with what I write and that's ok. I am looking out for myself and my family. If you choose to get upset, well that's your prerogative.

4. It's not like I'm doing anything wrong or illegally. I don't understand why certain people think they need to check my every move. It's pretty damn ridiculous.

Ok, I feel better now that that's out of the way. I'm going to keep on posting whatever I feel like. :) 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another Tuesday????

I just feel so grouchy on Tuesdays! And it doesn't help when my Boss wants us to say "Good Morning" ten times and talk about our feelings. 

Animal Capshunz: So This Better Be Important

I do not like mornings and I do not like Tuesday's. (Or green eggs and ham for that matter! Especially not ham!!)

We had another pretty uneventful weekend. Kahle was here and we went to see Monsters University. I loved the first movie and would have enjoyed this one too if Miss Isabella wouldn't have needed to go to the bathroom 3 times! 2 times she didn't have to go once we got there. I guess that's what I get for taking a 3 year old to the movies. It was her first time and she really didn't do that bad. She got a little restless towards the end though. She loved Monsters Inc. so I figured she would enjoy this one. 

Tim's adjusting to his new job well and I think he really likes it. He has some crazy hours but I don't think he minds too much. He works for 2 weeks on the 6 pm to 6 am shift and then 2 weeks 6 am to 6 pm. Also, they work 2 days and then off 2, work 3 and then off 3. It's nice he can be home with Izzie some of those days. Never again will I leave her with him after he gets off nights. He claimed he could watch her and well, she was literally walking all over the counters and drowned Kahle's iPod touch in water and dog food. I was NOT a happy Mom!!

Well, I better go. We have an episode of Dexter to catch up on and if I don't go watch now, Tim will watch it by himself. He's such a butt!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Vent Session

I am so glad the 4th of July is over!! Not because I am not patriotic, in fact, I LOVE to watch fireworks and I love that Kahle loves to light them. BUT, Mojo and Mya HATE them. I have never seen such big dogs act like little babies. The shaking and the clinging are finally done now. I need to look into some calming pills for them next year. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday. 

I had to work today. That really sucked! I yawned almost the entire day. It seemed everyone else was still at home except for me!

Now, onto my venting session. Kahle is supposed to spend the month of July at his Dad's house and then come see me every other weekend. The 4th was also his Dad's holiday. Due to Kahle having baseball games  Monday and Tuesday, we met his Grandma (his Dad's Mom) on Wednesday. I am pretty lenient when it comes to his Dad having Kahle and so I switched and let him have him this weekend as part of the holiday. He called me at 11:43 pm last night and was wondering if this is my weekend (since it was his last weekend.) I told him no since it was a "holiday weekend." He disagreed and told me that having Kahle this weekend didn't fit in with his "schedule!" Um EXCUSE ME????? Your child is an inconvenience to your schedule? Oh, I'm so incredibly sorry. So needless to say, we went and picked up Kahle, after spending 2 days at his Grandma's Dad's and he is spending the weekend here and then will go back on Sunday. It's an hour drive both ways to the town we meet in so that's 3 trips to the same town in 7 days. Pretty ridiculous. THEN, we are leaving for Texas on the 27th so I told him I would need Kahle home the night before. That's his weekend and he will miss out on 5 days of his time with Kahle. I asked if he wanted to switch with the weekend before and then he only misses out on 3 days but of course that was inconvenient too! The real reason is that he is seeing this girl, who has 2 kids and I believe they are trying to keep their same weekends kid free, but of course Kahle thinks he's working the weekend. I just wish people could be honest!!  The more I think about it, the more pissed off I get. I mean, his Dad is going to be 31 next month, shouldn't he have the parenting thing figured out by now? I think so!!

So anyways, I'm going to make the best out of the weekend that I can. Monsters University is in town this weekend so we are going to that and I plan on doing some baking also, so hopefully that will be fun for Kahle. 

I guess that's enough venting for now. Until the next time!!