Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I'm linking up again today with JulietteFaith and Allie for a Currently type of post, which is a lot like what I used to love doing on Myspace. I know, I'm pretty lame. Sorry.

READING: Deeds and Transfer Statements at work and City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare at home.

WRITING: This post. Duh! And I should be working the deeds and transfer statements right now, but I'm not. Oops.

LISTENING: Creed on the radio. Boo!!

THINKING: How I need another vacation. And how I don't want to work anymore.

SMELLING: Absolutely nothing.

WISHING: Everything would stop breaking and falling apart. For example, both vehicles, our front window, our screen door and I'm sure there's other things.

HOPING: I can stay motivated enough to work out when I get home.

WEARING: My black and white maxi dress that I got from StitchFix.

WANTING: A million books!! I just keep finding more and more that I want to read. Life's so tough.

LOVING: How much Izzie loves spending time outside. It's great knowing that she would rather be playing than watching tv all day long.

NEEDING: To win the lottery! I have school shopping to do, cars to fix, vacation to take next year and on and on.


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  1. Winning the lottery would be nice!! haha

    1. I know!! Too bad I never play it. Haha!!

  2. Someone here just claimed a $50 million lottery win, after knowing for an entire year! I mean, really? A year?!

    1. I would NEVER wait that long! Crazy!!

  3. I loved the Mortal Instruments series. I keep seeing posts about Stitch Fix; I should check them out. Winning the lottery would be nice for me, too.