Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Holy cow!! Today is my 30th birthday! It really snuck up on me and makes me freak out a little bit. It's not that I feel old, well, except for injuring my ankle by doing nothing, but 30 has always sounded so old and now, here I am!

I thought I would do a little post about 30 things I want to do in my 30's. (This is going to be a long list!)

1. Get married. I mean, a 3 year engagement is a little excessive. :)
2. Finally try get in shape. I don't have to do anything too strenuous, but jeez Vicki, do SOMETHING!
3. Redo all rooms in our house. Kahle's room has been (is being) redone, now the rest. I'm ready for an            adult looking house.
4. Read more. I read all the time the way it is, but I want to stop messing on my phone and watching tv and       just read more.
5. Get Kahle more into reading. He used to love it......I got to get him to love it again.
6. Teach Izzie to read. Kahle was reading by Kindergarten. She's got 1 year. We can do it!
7. Make meals more consistently. I try to cook every night but get lazy a lot. I want to stop that.
8. Bake more! I love to bake. And my family loves it when I bake. :)
9. Incorporate more healthy foods in our house. Izzie loves junk food, but she also loves fruits and some            veggies. I need to get her, and Kahle, to eat more healthy foods.
10. Buy a decent dining room table. We currently have a crappy glass top table and I hate it, so we don't use       it. I want a good one and I want us to use it for eating, not piling papers.
11. Get rid of junk!! I have a lot and I need to get it out of my house.
12. Organize the junk I keep. I have so many school papers and pictures and I need to organize what I have        and get rid of the stuff I don't have to keep.
13. Get in more family time. We are always together, but I want to do things together.
14. Walk Finnegan and Halia. My dogs like to go on walks, so why don't I take them? I'm lazy.
15. Go outside with the kids. My kids love playing outside, I could kill two birds with one stone and read           outside while they are playing.
16. Write on the blog more. I mean, this obviously needs to get done!
17. More date nights with Tim. And I mean and actual date night, not grocery shopping without the kids.
18. Introduce a new member or 2 to the family. These may be human or animal. ;)
19. Take more baths and use more LUSH!! If you don't know what this is, click the link and buy.
20. Make breakfast on the weekends. I want my kids to have something yummy in the mornings.
21. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Since I'm not a morning person, I really need to work on this.
22. Spend more time with Mom and Alli. Together and separately.  My Mom lives in the same town I do,           but we don't spend much time together. I'd like to start doing lunch a couple times a month. My sister           moved about an hour away and we really hardly see each other anymore. It makes me sad.
23. Take more pictures. My kids are growing so fast, I need to document them more.
24. Get family pictures done. We haven't ever had pictures taken since Izzie was born. She's going to be 5.         I'm pretty sure this is a priority.
25. Put up pictures in my house. I have dance and school pictures. I need picture frames and I need to hang          them.
26. Have 1-on-1 time with Kahle more. I spend time with Izzie when Tim is working and Kahle is at his               Dad's but I need more time with Kahle.
27. Sort through my clothes. I like to hang onto clothes that I think have meaning for me and I don't wear             them. It's time for them to go.
28. Buy Christmas presents BEFORE December. We have a few bought this year already. I want to finish         this years and have everything bought early every year.
29. Comment on more blogs. I comment on a few but I really need to comment on more.
30. Be happier. I'm mostly a grump and that needs to change too! I just need to find happiness in the little           things. It's very important, especially if you have kids.

Woohoo!! I made it!! Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. Love it! My 30th is coming up in a couple months...I doesn't feel as old as I thought it would.

    1. Thanks! It sounds much worse than it is. ;)

  2. Happy Dirty 30!! I should probably check out how I've done on my last bucket list..30 is right around the corner for me too!