Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I Won the Lottery.........Blogtober14

I'm so excited to be linking up with my 2 of my favorite Bloggers Helene and Taylor for Blogtober!

Today's prompt is "If I won the lottery I'd" and this is my favorite thing to think about! Now, I don't actually play the lottery because I don't have very good luck and I would end up spending more playing to win than I would if I actually won. I'm also kind of a negative person it sounds like. Ha!

Anyways, if I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is put away money for my kids to go to college and set up some trust funds to help them out with their lives. Then, of course, I would set money aside for our retirement. I want to make sure I have everything prepared for the future before I start worrying about the present.

After all the really important stuff, I would fix up our current house and sell it and then I would find some land near our town but in the county to buy, build my dream house and set up a dog boarding/shelter building. My family loves Pit Bulls so much and it breaks my heart to see so many in shelters and not be able to save them all. I mean, I love all dogs in general so I would be glad to take in any that need homes. And as for the boarding, I love my vet clinic a lot, but when you board your dog, it's just cement floors and nothing cozy about it unless you bring a bed for your dog. I would like to offer something that is like a home away from home for your dogs. :)

I would also quit my job, mostly because I imagine the boarding and sheltering is going to keep me plenty busy, but I would love for Tim and I to do some travelling together. My dream is to travel all over Europe!

And of course, I would have to do plenty of shopping for my family and I would definitely give money to my Mom and Allison.  They've been there for me so many times, I would have to help them out too. I think I would change my cell phone number though so people that don't participate in my life now, won't call me begging for money.

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  1. So smart of you to flip your house. We own a fixer upper right now. I would flip it too before upgrading.