Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another weekend gone by.

I really am such a boring person! The weekend went by rather quickly and I did absolutely nothing at all. Well, I guess I worked for awhile on Saturday. Otherwise, my butt was planted on the couch and we caught up on shows and I caught up on some reading.  

We had some thunderstorms this weekend!! I LOVE a good thunderstorm. Izzie got pretty scared when the power went out for a minute or so. She's never really experienced anything like that yet in her 3 years.  We never had any damage but I did hear that there were some trees in town, that were struck by lightning.  

Tim started his new job yesterday!! Much better pay and much better benefits!! It's closer for him to drive to also so that saves on gas money.

I signed Izzie up for dance classes yesterday also. She will be taking Ballet/Tap and also Hip Hop this year. I'm so excited to see her out there shaking her booty! It's what she does best. Here's her picture with this year's recital costume.

I love how innocent she looks! (Not her usual look!)

Kahle started baseball practice tonight. That's his sport!! Thanks to his Grandma, he's been playing since he was 2! Once he got old enough to stop digging in the dirt, he's really got good!! He started catching last year and his coach is going to let him continue this year too. I hope his team will do good. There are only 3 4th graders on his team and the rest are 3rd graders. This will be the first year that the 3rd graders will have the opposing team pitch to them. It's always been our own coach pitching to our team. It will be interesting!! 

Team Co-op this year!! (What a handsome man)

Well, not much else to report right now. It was pretty chilly today and I'm hoping that the weather will get a little warmer soon. I would like a few days of warm upper 70's weather but nothing too hot. I hate being sweaty!!

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