Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How can the weekend be over already??

I really dislike how quickly the weekend ends. Even when I have no major plans on the weekend, it's always over before I know it.

I had an exciting weekend actually! We went to ROCKFEST on Saturday. I am a HUGE rock lover! I know, it's strange, the majority of  people I follow on various social media love Country, but not this girl! :)
We drove to Council Bluffs in the morning and the show started at 1. First up was IAmDynamite. I am not a fan and luckily they were over soon enough.

Next was Hurt. Funny story about Hurt, well Tim doesn't find it funny, we had tickets to see them at a small venue in Lincoln about 5 years ago. It was winter time and we had to park a few blocks away to get there. Well, idiotic me forgot my ID in the car and I was too big of a weenie to go back and get it, and we just left and missed the show. I am kicking myself for that now. They were incredible! 

Next up was Smile Empty Soul. I'm not really a big fan but the bassist has really cool dreads. :)

Then it was Taproot. I really like them. Since it was a real rock show, they did more of their heavier music but still played my two favorite songs! Plus they follow me on twitter and retweet me and tweet to me sometimes so that's exciting!

Next was Trapt! I have been a big fan for a very long time and they did not disappoint. They sounded so flawless and I will definitely see them again!

After Trapt was 10 Years. I liked them when they first came out and then didn't really pay much attention to them anymore. Tim likes them a lot and let me tell you, they put on one hell of a show. The singer is hilarious, as you can see by his outfit and they are great live too! I also plan on seeing them again soon!

The singer crowd surfed and this is what happened to his pants.

Next up was Hollywood Undead. I have seen them before and they were pretty good. They blew the PA but they got that fixed and carried on.

Sick Puppies were up next. They were good but I think they were a little too loud! 

I love a female bassist! And she is awesome!

Sadly, both of our phones died so we didn't get any of Blue October. Justin (the lead singer) stood directly in front of me (I was in the front row) and we locked eyes and sang together. ;) I'm a nerd!!

Sunday was Mother's Day. Tim had to work so it was just Izzie and I. I let Kahle go to his Dad's for the weekend to make up time, even though it was my holiday. It was a nice day and we just hung out and did a little shopping with Mom and Alli (my sister.)

Well, that's all for now. See you again soon!

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