Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Girl's Best Friend

I have a little bit of a heavy heart tonight and a lot on my mind. My sweet Mojo is sick.

She's been sick for about 3 weeks now. For about the last week, I was thinking she was getting better, but after seeing her today, I am afraid she's not. She was Tim's dog first, but she is my sweetheart now. About 3 weeks ago, she started throwing up a lot. Eventually she became pretty lethargic and stopped eating. All of our dogs usually sleep in whatever room we or actually I am in but Mojo would just go straight to her bed in our room. She would spend all day and night in there and only get up to go outside. We took her in to the vet, and they thought she had this cold/flu thing going around in dogs. She got a couple of pills and some paste to coat the lining of her esophagus and she finally stopped vomiting.  But then, she had really bad diarrhea. After another week and her first meds gone, we took her to see a different vet at our clinic. At this time, her lymph nodes in her neck were majorly swollen.  I took off her collar because it looked like it was rubbing. He took some blood work, and they still haven't really figured out what is going on. He said it looks like lymphoma, except that only her throat nodes are swollen. Her cell count was kind of high, so that looks like an infection but yet, she hasn't ever been running a fever. He prescribed her a couple of different pills and she started eating again and the diarrhea began to thicken. As of today, her nodes are not getting any smaller and the watery diarrhea is back. She has been by my feet all evening and you can just see the sad and tired in her eyes. And in mine. I'm really scared for my furry friend.

I really miss this silly smile!

You can see how skinny she is here. :( 

If you would all keep her in your thoughts and prayers, I know we would all appreciate it over here.

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  1. Aww, she is beautiful. I am so sorry she doesn't feel well, I hate to hear that. :( Hang in there.

  2. awww poor girl :( hope that she gets better soon. it's so tough when our pets are sick because they can't tell us what we can do to help.
    -- jackie - jade and oak