Thursday, September 19, 2013

I failed.

I have failed on Blogtember. I hope to start up again tomorrow. I have good excuses though.

 On Tuesday, I went on Outdoor Education Day with Kahle. It wasn't as fun as it sounds! Haha. We went to Bader Park and there were 6 different stations set up throughout the day. The kids even got to get wet in the Platte River. Well, what there is of the river.
They put "water back in the river" by drawing Nebraska in the dry part of the river and then digging until they found the water. It's only really right beneath the surface. In the next few days we will have water again when all the flooding from Colorado makes it's way here.

The kids also learned about hydro energy and solar energy. They used small solar panels and tried to make a buzzer sound and used small propeller things to find rushing water and make them turn fast.

Then was Insects, which they had to catch bugs. I can't believe how many girls enjoy catching bugs!

We had lunch and I tell you what, the group of boys that are involved in every sport, start their arrogance young! They were bragging about their lunch and stealing other kids' food, burping and just acting rude and obnoxious. I'm really glad my son isn't like that.  After lunch the kids had a recess and holy cow! What a crazy rush of kids! I would be a nervous wreck if I was a 5th grade teacher. There were wild kids everywhere!!

Finally, it was time to get back to our little groups. We went to GPSing next. They got into groups of 2 or 3 and had a little GPS that had six points they had to locate. Each point had an object that they had to locate and answer a question about it. It was actually pretty fun.

We went onto plants where we learned a little about the different plants that are native to Bader Park. It was interesting to find out that Switchgrass is being used to make ethanol. It's perennial and much more convenient than corn!

We also learned that a native plant in Nebraska and Kansas is being studied because there are chemicals in it that can help fight cancer! Can you imagine? No more radiation and chemotherapy because everything comes from a plant? Amazing!!
Ground Cherry

And then last of the day we had Art. The kids used chalk and made the negative space of leaves that they picked.
I'm not artistic at all, but I know I could do this, and it looks pretty cool!!

So anyways, after we got home I was soooo wore out that I couldn't possibly do a blog post. 

Yesterday, my excuse was that I needed to catch up from Tuesday. I did transfer pictures over from my camera onto my computer with every intention of doing a pictures only post. But I didn't. Oops. And now today, the prompt is to write a creative story. And I'm not creative and not good at stories. :)

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!


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