Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday!!

I cannot believe my little Isabella Lourdes is 4 years old!! Seriously, where has the time gone? I can't believe the big personality that can come out of such a little girl. She is so much more outspoken and louder than I have ever and probably will ever be and that is so great to see. She's a lot like me and so much her very own person. She absolutely LOVES dance this year and she never ever stops shaking that little booty! Most days you can find her in her room, iPod turned all the way up, and dancing like she's never danced before. I also love that she likes all kinds of music and you can tell what kind of mood she is in by just listening to what she's listening to. She is so incredibly smart also and absolutely loves school! She will hardly even tell me goodbye or give me a hug when I drop her off. She will say things that just makes me wonder how she is only going to be 4 when she acts older. (That's not always good though.) Every now and then, she slips and will say a naughty word. She definitely knows what she's saying and that she shouldn't be saying it. Thanks all to her Dad!!

First family photo
First birthday photo shoot
Loves to read like her Mommy
They really do love each other!
Being silly with her cousins
My cute little wolf!
Finally can ride on her big bike!!
Happy Birthday my sweet little Izzie Lou!!!!

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