Saturday, October 5, 2013


It's been a little while since I last posted. What have I been doing? Not too much but much more than I wish I was doing. It's been kind of hectic in my house. I'm kind of struggling with Kahle right now. I just don't know what to do with the kid! It sucks when I feel like I'm the only one trying with him!!  Here's our situation. Back in Kindergarten and First grade, he was doing terrific!! All the tests he was given, he passed with flying colors! He was ranked higher than the graph went! In Second Grade, things took a turn for the worse, his grades dropped a little and he was misbehaving in class. Third Grade, his grades were getting even worse, he was seeing the school counselor and still getting in trouble. In Fourth Grade, he was dropped to the next reading group (he had always been in the highest before) he was still getting in some trouble and bad grades. Now when I say bad grades, I mean a few A's, mostly B's and some C's. I was told by all his teachers that he should be having straight A's and this I knew myself too. Now this year, he hasn't been in any trouble that I've been aware of, but he isn't bringing homework home/telling me he doesn't have any and therefore he has to stay after. Also his grades are HORRIBLE!! I'm talking about 70's and lower. He still has some B's and A's but very few. I just don't know what to do anymore!! If anyone has any suggestions, please help! It's so tough being a parent and I'm starting to feel as if I'm failing. :( It's not a good feeling.
He is doing band this year and playing the saxophone. Between that and CmPS, which is a program that the 5th Graders do involving volunteer community service, I'm hoping he will learn some discipline and start doing better. It's just so scary.

Izzie is loving preschool and dance! She is in her 2nd year of preschool and absolutely loves it! She has dance once a week. She does Hip Hop first and then Ballet/Tap. She is doing so good this year and never stops dancing. :)

I never posted their first day of school pictures so I better do that and here are some other pictures from the Homecoming parade too.

First day of 5th Grade. Notice the camera hogger dogs!

First day of Preschool! Such a stinker!

Cub Scout float in the Homecoming Parade

She's always so excited to be in the parade. 

I hope you all are having a great weekend! It's a cold day in Nebraska! Izzie and I have already broke out the hot chocolate and there is Chicken Chili in the crock pot for supper!! If interested, I used Katie's recipe found here!  I really need to get doing some laundry and organizing my house. I'm so behind, it's not even funny!



  1. Enjoy your weekend! Hope everyone you know in Nebraska is safe after all the tornados.

  2. Don't feel like a failure! You obviously care and are trying! I know for us, we knew we would lose perks and fun if we didn't make the grades my parents knew we should make. Maybe create a rewards system.

  3. Oh momma, this is SO hard! But you are NOT failing!! It's okay to feel totally lost, that's why you turn to us for advice :) I don't have any personal experience with this yet (and I'm not looking forward to Mia being old enough to drive me crazy, ha!) but I know that we were disciplined if we didn't meet requirements. You could sit down with him, make an agreement that if he doesn't make a certain grade then he is grounded for a week, or something. Maybe if he is in on the decision it will make him feel more responsible and he will care more?